Working on

COSMIC: Compressed Sensing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Cosmology

I am currently in charge with Sam of pysap, a Python module that binds sparse decomposotion tools. This module also integrates common optimization tools for image reconstruction/denoising (FISTA, Condat-Vu, ...), and common application plugins.

Population Imaging: Data Sharing

I am in charge of the PIWS project. It allows to assemble and serve the data of major European/international projects in population imaging for big-data analyzes. PIWS relies on CubicWeb, a semantic web software developed by the French company Logilab.

pynet: Helper Module for Deep Learning.

I have currently been actively involved in challenging software research projects focused on applying Deep Learning technique to neuroimaging and genetic data.

dMRI: Longitudinal Change Detection

I'm working on estimation and testing tools on tensors along the white-matter pathways. I proposed two testing strategies: a pointwise test that compares at each sampling point of the fiber bundle the tensor populations of the two exams in the cross section of the bundle, and a fiberwise test that compares paired tensors along all the fiber bundle. Experiments on both synthetic and real data highlight the benefit of considering fiber based statistical tests compared to the standard voxelwise strategy.